Two very important words in the Chinese community are 客 and 家, which translate into guest and home. As an organization founded and actively managed by a Hong Kong native, our single goal is to make certain your Hong Kong tour and experience is informative, enjoyable and memorable.  Welcome to Hong Kong…our home! 

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About me

Hi there! This is Lulu. I am a Hong Kong native with years of experience in the tourism industry. I enjoy making new friends from different parts of the world.  In addition, I have traveled extensively throughout the world. Communication is never a concern since you will be experiencing the sights and sounds with an associate fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German and Spanish. Food is my passion and specialty. As a foodie myself, I always love to have someone to share amazing food together. So, you are invited to make new friends and experience a personalized Hong Kong tour. Let's explore the off the beaten path and discover the hidden gems in the city together!



A city of over 7.5 million people may seem intimidating and an overload of the senses. The only way to properly experience this metropolis is with an escorted tour, focused on your personal interests and priorities. All of our tours are customized for you and your guest(s). You will never be taken to tourist sites pre-determined by a mega tour operator or make you try to keep up with the person carrying a flag.

Suggested Personalized Tours



Included with Getaway Tailor

  • Tailor made itinerary with flexible schedule
  • A private and personal Hong Kong tour guide
  • Hotel meet and greet
  • Access to consultation during entire Hong Kong stay

What's excluded

  • Transportation and activities fee for you and host
  • Food and Beverage

Services could be arranged

  • Car rental
  • Airport pickup
  • Special Event Reservations
  • Restaurants reservations
  • Accommodation recommendations

Since all services are customized to guest preferences, rates are based on finalized itineraries. Rates typically reflect time and amenities associated with each customized tour. Final payment is due once an itinerary is approved by both Getaway Tailor and the guest. Gratuities are neither expected or accepted…you are a guest. 

Get In Touch

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you are up for an adventure in Hong Kong with me!

I look forward to showing you my gorgeous hometown!

Getaway Tailor